World Food Day Wishes and Facts

World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16th October. It is the day when United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation abbreviated as FAO was founded. Sustainable world is all that is themed, to be taken into action, on this day for this year. The ever changing climate is the main theme for this year. How we tackle it, is of most importance.

The fact is that Food production depends on Water. Did you know? India, China and US are the largest producers of Food Grain and Water is the utmost important need for this production to continue.

The developing economies are starving on hunger and suffering from malnutrition. It is our prime duty to reduce hunger and many countries like Cuba, Ghana and Kuwait have reduced their countries hunger rate by great extent. So, what can we do? Gather knowledge of such events like this one. Celebrate and spread this information to support this initiative. Stop hunger, Wish you helpful World Food Day. Spread Love and share this message.

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