What Is Meditation? – The key to remain at peace

Meditation is the process of getting to know yourself completely, both who you are inside and how you react to what is outside. Above all, meditation is enjoying yourself in the literal sense of the word. Through meditation, you discover a very different ‘me’ from the person who may be stressed or troubled, the person who may seem superficially to be ‘me.’

You realize that your true nature, the real you, is actually very positive. You begin to discover an Ocean of Peace right on your own doorstep.

Go with the Flow, Sometimes we just have to be wise enough to go with the flow. We have to put our trust in life and let the current carry us. That doesn’t mean we should take our focus off where we’re going.

The key to remain at peace, Humanity is like a tree. Each human being is connected with the Seed and belongs to the same tree. The beauty of the tree is that it has different branches and on each branch, numerous leaves.

All individuals are also different and have their own role. Think about what we have in common and you will appreciate every human being. This is the key to remain at peace.

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