Valli | Sun TV Tamil Serial | Vidhya Mohan | Did you know?

Valli is a Tamil Serial that airs in Sun TV. This serial is telecasted afternoon prime time from Monday to Saturday. The lead cast include Vidhya Mohan, Ajay, Latha and Poovilangu Mohan. Did you know? Valli surpassed 1000 episodes quicky and still successfully running. Also running in Sri Lanka in Vasantham TV.

The producers Saregama has done a very good job. Did you know? The title song was sung by Saindhavi and music done by Paulraj gels well and was a super hit. This serial is well received by audience and the song ‘Kaalam Oru Nathiyena’ is too good.

Bagging several awards, Valli also airs in many countries including South Africa, Sri Lanka, Middle East, United States and Canada. Bala role by Manohar is a well-played negative role. Of course, where is a serial without any negative role isn’t it? If you like this review subscribe to our YouTube channel for more updates like this one. Cheers!

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