Things To Do In The New Year | 2019 | New Year Goals

The new year 2019 is round the corner and we all have a lot of things on our mind to be done in the new year. Many of you might have decided on a lot of resolutions as well. So here are a few ideas for you all which we cannot call resolutions for sure, but would definitely help you make your new year better than the last one.

LET GO OFF THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE- This is very important to start the new year on a very positive note. The wrong people in your life create a lot of negativity and you should stay away from such people. Though it might not be practically possible to completely eliminate them from your life, you can definitely avoid them. Once you do that, you will attain peace of mind which will help you attract positive things in your life.

WATCH YOUR HEALTH- Now this is one goal which is common on all our lists, I am sure. We all want to be fit and healthy. But our changing lifestyle doesn’t allow that. It is almost impossible for most of us to hit the gym everyday because of our hectic schedules. But what we do to compensate for that is the question here. Well, I would suggest that you watch your eating habits every single day. Try to eat more portions of fruit. Eat small servings, but frequently. Stay hydrated and go for a walk everyday. Spending half an our in the morning and in the evening for a walk is not a big thing for any of us I believe.

PLAN YOUR FINANCES- All of you who are reading this might already have some plan for the upcoming year. Plan your finances in a way that you are left with something to save. Unless you face some crisis, be it an unexpected medical bill or something else, you will not realize the need to save. So save whatever is possible. It might seem to be a very meager amount today but you will soon realize that every penny saved is useful.

Getting yourself and your family insured is another important financial aspect to look at. Also small investments made in your area of interest like Fixed Deposits in banks or in the Stock Market can also be beneficial.

SPEND SOME MONEY TO PAMPER YOURSELF- You should not get so much pre-occupied planning your finances that you forget to include yourself on the list. All of us need to pamper ourselves to get rejuvenated. Be it buying an expensive phone or being pampered in a posh salon, do it once in a while.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS- So I don’t want to sound like your grandma and tell you that life is very unpredictable and blah..blah..blah! But you cannot deny the fact that it is the ultimate truth. So find time for the people you love and the people who love you. Remember, we need to earn for a living; we are not living only to earn.

VISIT YOUR FAVORITE PLACE- Be it the freezing temperature of a nearby hill station or an exotic beach abroad, plan well in advance and visit the place. Design and manipulate your finances and work schedule accordingly.

READ A BOOK-  I can already hear you saying that you don’t have time for such things. But believe me, in a world where you can access everything by the touch of your finger on your smart phone, books still have the charm in them. The right book read at the right time can change the way you think and can change your life too!

BE GENEROUS- We are all so busy watching our money that we forget to spend it wherever it is necessary. Paying your maid a little extra for her efforts once in a while; tipping the waiter at the hotel or the pizza delivery guy who managed to drive through the traffic and delivered your food at the earliest possible are the things we do not give importance to. If you haven’t done these things yet, do it. The joy of giving is beyond your imagination.

LIVE EVERYDAY- Literally, we are all living everyday. But when you discover its true meaning, you will definitely doubt the same. In a technology driven world, we are like robots. We work on all the five days of the week from morning to night. We eat what is quickly available, we sleep whenever we find that little time and wake up again to run back to the same routine. It is only during the weekends that we find time for ourselves to get good sleep and eat a complete meal. This is wrong. You need to understand that your work will wait for you but your health won’t. Have a healthy meal, go for a movie once in a while during the weekday, visit a religious place of your choice. Don’t wait for the weekend, live everyday.

These are just a few suggestions which might be included in your to-do list for the upcoming year. At the end, it is you who has to decide what is important in your life. You need to prioritize the options in your life in order to make it happy. Remember you are the one who decides for yourself. Do not let other people or your job to influence your life so much that you lose your individual self. Your happiness depends on your choices. So choose wisely.

Hope you will have a fruitful and a joyous year ahead. A very happy new year to you!

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