Super Green Burger – Stoner restaurant in Koramangala

Toasted sesame bun and wafers, the burger by Stoner restaurant is a must try. Launched by ex-google employee, this restaurant is just more than ice-creams as the tagline says. While, ice-creams are the flagship product of Stoner, It’s the burger that we are taking about today!

Super green burger contains Crispy and deep fried spinach, Indian spices, Crunchy patty and comes along with red onion, tomato, greenly lettuce and mayo. I usually order via Swiggy food ordering app and go for Quick bite or Mega bite. Quick bite contains one spinach patty while Mega bite has two. The price of these burgers are apt and its value for money. But in no way the quality is compromised.

Here is a picture exclusively by FoodGinger, as arrived at my doorstep.

Stoner Burger
Super Green Burger – Stoner restaurant in Koramangala, Bangalore

Get Stoned! I mean not literally. Pull out your app or get your vehicle started, get your taste of this Super burger. Quench your taste buds. This burger is way better than the top multinational brands out there. Sometimes it makes me think that multinationals are looting us. While this local flavored burgers work wonders both by price and quality.

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