Sumangali Serial | Sun TV | Divya – Tamil Family Drama

Sumangali is the serial that airs in Sun TV prime time. Divya is the lead actress in this Tamil Serial. Sun TV serials are niche and always innovative. Along the slew of new launches, this serial is fresh and new genre. The crux of the serial is family drama and revolves around the marriage and long lasting relationships. Housewives are eagerly looking into every episode of Sumangali Serial. All actors have done their part beautifully.

Divya’s acting in Sumangali serial is applauded. This is her first Sun TV serial as the lead actress. After appearing in many Tamil TV channels and doing small characters she finally got the breakthrough via this serial. Sun TV has nurtured numerous actors in the small screen and no wonder the talent always comes up. The family nuances are the centre plot of this serial story.

Sumangali Serial
Sumangali Serial

Among the various Serials by Sun TV this serial is relatively fresh and cinematography is well handled. Right from the Promo of Sumangali serial, the Tamil audience across the world have welcomed this serial with might. With its international telecast, Sumangali will surely be a hit and will be close to reality kind of portrayal is the big positive of this serial. So, what do you think about this Sumangali Serial, comment below.

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  1. Recent launches of three serials Sumangali, Mahalakshmi and Vidhi are super hit. Sun TV is shining in all episodes since the launch of promo itself. The choice of time is also apt.

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