Samayal Samayal with Venkatesh Bhat Vijay TV cooking show review

Samayal Samayal is a cooking show featuring Chef Venkatesh Bhat who initially cooks over 100 handmade recipes. The recipes are very exciting and mouth-watering. He specifically picked up South Indian cuisines and the show is an instant hit. The show also features celebrities. His way of cooking is unique and niche.

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The cooking techniques of Venkatesh Bhat shows his immense experience and knowledge. I’m impressed even by the way he cuts the vegetables. He is a miracle man. This show I would call it as ‘Wonder Cooking’. Did you know that Venkatest Bhat is a pure vegetarian? But, he is also well versed in non-vegetarian cooking.

So far there are many recipes featured in this show, which include Indo Western recipes, Fish recipes, Fruits and Navarathri special recipes, Italian recipes, Kerala and Tamil Nadu style foods, Andhra cuisine and Kabab special recipes. Every recipe showcased are very interesting and unique and job well done. It is such a treat to watch him cook. Hope we see may more recipes and learn a lot from him, Kudos sir!

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