Ponnunjal | Sun TV Tamil Serial | Shamitha and Vishwa | Did you know?

Ponnunjal is a Sun TV Tamil Serial that airs in the afternoon prime slot. It airs from Monday to Saturday. The lead roles in this serial include Shamitha, Vishwa, Manjula, Adhavan and Vanitha. Did you know? Ponnunjal features the Rajkanth and Vanaja pair of the Metti Oli serial fame.

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Produced by Vision Time this serial revolves around three sisters who face difficulty and challenges in the world. Did you know? The opening theme song ‘Vaanam Boomi’ has been sung by Priya Himesh and Lyrics was written by Yugabharathi. The other cast include Shyamili, Sathish, Guhan, Ashwin and Vignesh.

The great performance by lead actors and the supporting cast Ponnunjal shatters most records. This Sun TV serial had crossed over 900 episodes and still counting. Amazingly received by the audience, this serial is a super hit. Let’s hope this serial crosses 1000 episodes. If you like this review subscribe to our channel for more updates.

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