Green Tea – Does it really have health benefits?

What is this fuss about Green Tea? I’m wondering. There is lot of talk about Green Tea and its health benefit. But on gathering some basic information on this, it seems it doesn’t really have huge health benefits at all. Surprising isn’t it?

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Green Tea is made from Camellia Sinensis tea leaves and the only difference from Black Tea is that it is not processed by fermentation process. Of course there are many tea varieties and taste and processing varies based on time of harvest, processing techniques, growing conditions and variety etc. It is widely believed that Tea is originally found in China.

There is no definitive evidence scientifically for health benefits of Green Tea. There are numerous researches done and no conclusive results are obtained largely. Also be aware that Green Tea has caffeine in it, don’t consume in large quantity on a daily basis.

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As processing is not done, Green Tea retains Polyphenols and Anti-oxidants. These are believed to help in increasing metabolism and so could aid in weight loss. Not in a substantial way though. Some researches show drinking one cup of Green Tea per day made no difference at all. Two or more cups of 100 ml is ideal. These substances could also aid in regulating glucose levels for Diabetes control, Heart disease, Cancer and more. But remember there is no scientific evidence for any till today.

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Maggi Noodles 101 | Simple Maggi Formula | Recipe

Maggi is a noodles brand. Very famous in India among the bachelors for its ease of cooking. Well, Maggi Noodles 101 means the basic simple formula to cook Maggi in the right way. Let’s start.

Maggi Sachet
Maggi Sachet

All you need is,

  1. Maggi masala noodles packet (take one)
  2. Oil of your choice, very little quantity
  3. Mustard seeds, quarter spoon
  4. Bit of Pepper, Chilli powder and Salt
  5. Pan and Plate, of course, spoon or fork as you like
  6. One and half cups of Water (around 150 ml)

Here you go,

Keep the Pan on a Stove and maintain a low flame. Pour little amount of Oil, wait for few seconds. Then throw some Mustard seeds in the oil.

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Did you know? “Mustard seeds are used to verify if the oil is fried properly or not. The mustard seeds will crackle when the oil is fried properly. This is like a litmus test!”

Repeat adding few more mustard seeds until some of it crackles. Now, we know the oil is rightly fried and suitably hot. Add 150 ml of water to the Pan. Let it boil, it may take few more minutes. While you wait cut your Maggi and Masala packet that comes along with Maggi Noodles, keep it ready.

Maggi Noodles Preparation
Maggi Noodles Preparation

Once the water boils, add Pepper and Chilli powder to the extent of your wish and resistance, you know what I mean, isn’t it? Add bit of salt to taste.

Remember “Maggi masala already contains salt and nominal level of spices. Add more only if you like it extra spicier and hot”

Then add the Maggi Masala, stir for few seconds. Now is the time to add the Maggi Noodles! Break it into two or four pieces and gently drop it into the Pan. It may take about 5 to 6 minutes to cook. The Maggi commercial that says 2 minute preparation time is hoax, now you know it.

Noodles made easy - FoodGinger Recipe
Noodles made easy – FoodGinger Recipe

That’s it, pull out your plate and I’m sure you can eat it in 2 minutes!

Note “Try eating it with your hand, it really tastes good, at least for me. And if you want a tangy twist to it, add some chopped onion and tomatoes after you crackle the mustard seeds. Fry for some time before you proceed as usual”

Right, enjoy making your ‘Maggi basic 101’ or ‘Maggi tangy twist’. Hail Maggi, the savior!

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Fish Sizzler | Yana Sizzlers Restaurant | Review

Sizzle in every bite! The tagline of Yana Sizzlers, one of a kind restaurant delivers as it speaks. Usually sizzlers will be served as starters, but Yana Sizzlers is different. They serve the whole meal in a sizzler hot plate. So yummy and it really sizzles till the last bite.

Fish Sizzler was the one food that attracted me when I visited the Yana Sizzlers at Koramangala, Bangalore. There is hardly three branches in India, two at Pune and one at Bangalore. The Koramangala one is the latest and the interior is good. For more on restaurant reviews, subscribe to our YouTube channel. But this review is for Fish Sizzler, the juicy sizzle experience that I had, was surely amazing.

Juicy sizzle experience at Yana Sizzlers, Koramangala
Juicy sizzle experience at Yana Sizzlers, Koramangala

Fish sizzler was tasty, hot and of course the whole meal sizzled largely until I finished the meal. Both filling the stomach and quenching the taste buds, as well as keeping your pocket healthy too. Yes, I really enjoyed this dish. It is a must try, I strongly recommend.

This dish is a whole serving, had it all. Juicy chilly fish, Rice, Bed of noodles, French fries, Spinach, Mushrooms, Variety of veggies like carrots, potatoes, crunchy corn, beans, green peas etc. All in generous quantity and overall had a feeling of eating a super sizzling meal.

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I found this jewel when I went hunting for new restaurants around Koramangala. Luckily it rained and I had to stop just in front Yana Sizzler and had no choice. Sometimes luck plays out good. After eating this Fish Sizzler and my stomach wanted for more, and also had bandwidth in the pocket as the price was less because tax was pre-included, so went for one more dish, Yana’s Macaroni Chicken Pasta. Will share the review for this soon. Keep watching FoodGinger’s Reviews category. Happy eating!

Sizzling Fish, Yana restaurant, Bangalore
Sizzling Fish, Yana restaurant, Bangalore