Nazar | Star Plus Serial Info | Supernatural Thriller

Nazar is a supernatural horror drama series aired on Star Plus Channel. It premiered on 30th July, 2018. Currently, it is being aired at 10.30 pm. As the name of the serial suggests, the serial is about evil eye. The tag line of the serial reads Dua Karo Iski Nazar Na Lage is very much suitable to the title. The serial is directed by Aatif Khan and produced by Gul Khan and Karishma Jain.


The story is all about a Daayan or witch whose evil eye affects a family. The evil daayan here is Mohana Rathod played by Antara Biswas. The story of this scary daayan Mohana dates back 200 years. It is believed that Mohana sucks out people’s life energy and kills them to stay alive and young. Mridul, played by Ankur Nayyar, gets enchanted by Mohana’s beauty few years back and gets married to her. They have two children Ansh and Kajal, played by Harsh Rajput and Pallavi Gupta respectively.

Once Mohana’s is betrayed, she is burnt and killed by the villagers. But that does not put an end to her powers. She turns into a stone and continues to keep an evil eye on the family. Meanwhile, after Mohana’s death, her kids are adopted and taken care by Vedashree Rathod, played by Ritu Chaudhary Seth.

Years later when Mohana’s children grow up, they encounter many breath-taking and spine-chilling abnormal experiences. Both Ansh and Kajal are not able to lead a normal life as they were given birth by a daayan. What happens further and how their lives are affected is the serial all about.

Will the family be able to protect itself from the evil daayan? Will Ansh and Kajal ever be able to lead a normal life? What will they do to get rid of the nazar? Let’s watch this show to see how the plot unfolds. Happy nail-biting folks!

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