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Mullum Malarum is a fresh serial that airs in the ZEE Tamil television during 6.30 pm timeslot. This serial is special and the plot revolves around Dharmadurai and Mahalakshmi. The duo get married accidentally and the nuances of family drama kicks in. All actors and actresses in this serial especially the lead actors have done seamless acting. ZEE Television is soaring new highs with this serial and it is surely a welcome watch.

Mullum Malarum Serial | ZEE Tamil TV | Actors and Actresses
Mullum Malarum Serial | ZEE Tamil TV | Actors and Actresses

The serial drama between uneducated Dhamadurai and educated Mahalakshmi is the crux of the plot. The village backdrop also adds fuel to the storyline. This serial Mullum Malarum is a welcome watch for hard core serial lovers out there. The sentiment and fights between the actors and actresses have been sensational. The dhothi and saree clashes are a perfect analogy. Zee Tamil surely gets high TRP ratings from this genre of soap operas.

Malar and the episode number shown at the beginning of the serial is beautiful. The actors have good experience and that shows right from the promo to all episodes in this serial. Maha Lakshmi does the heroine role very aptly. There is much applause from serial watching women at home and even gents watch this serial for its comedy sense and narration. So, what do you think about this serial Mullum Malarum? Comment below.

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