Mother Teresa is a Miracle Story!

At 1910, Born to Albanian parents in Skopje, now capital of Marcedonia, Mother Teresa is a miracle story. She became a nun by 1926. Then Moved to Kolkata and became a teacher. At 1946 received a call within a call to found the Missionaries of Charity.

See this story as YouTube video.

At 1951 mother was granted Indian citizenship. Opened first home for the dying in 1951. Then by 1979 Mother Theresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the exemplary contribution. By 1988 mother opened her first community in former Soviet Union now Russia.

By March 1997 sister Nirmala succeeded her in the noble duties. By Septermber 1997 Mother Teresa died of heart attack in Kolkata. Then by October 2003 Mother Theresa was beatified. On 2015 Pope Francis opened the way for her canonisation. Further Today September 4th 2016 is the scheduled canonisation date. A miracle it is, true human being! We at FoodGinger Salute Mother Teresa.

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