Maya Mohini Vijay TV new Tamil horror Serial review

The new women centric Vijay TV horror Serial in Tamil is about the Dark Forces or called as Pilli Soonyam kind of terrific horror serial. The black arts are spine thrilling and screenplay looks very good. It airs from Monday to Saturday by 7pm. This new Tamil serial is a new genre in the recent times of horror films that are trending.

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While Pilli Soonyam Eval or Koodu Paithal are advanced black arts practiced and performed in temples of Kerala and Srilanka, this serial promo is really scary and thrilling. The music is enhancing the visual effects and adds well to the back and white terror scenes.

In Malaysia similar black magic is practiced using the doll. And it is transferred to some animal like goat and into humans. The promo is featuring one such Koodu Paithal into the lady dressed in rich traditional family costume. Let’s welcome this new Horror Serial and support for more such innovative work from Vijay TV. Happy Watching!

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