Kakka Kakka | Raj TV Tamil Serial | Velundu Vinayillai | Did you know?

Kakka Kakka is the new Raj TV Tamil serial that will air Monday to Saturday evening prime time. It is also called as Velundu Vinayillai. This Serial is a mythological thriller. It will broadcast alongside other successfully running Raj TV serials like Ganga Yamuna, Kanchana, Mann Vasanai etc.

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Did you know? This show is produced by Ajay Krishna and it is all about how Lord Murugan’s Velayudham protests devotees from the evil creatures. Kakka Kakka as the name suggests protection from bad forces and how the industrialist’s daughter who returns from graduation from London, is facing threat, is the core of this serial.

The back drop of this serial is based out of Sri Lanka and did you know? This serial also telecasts in Sri Lanka and produced at this country. Hail the mystical concepts of Lord Muruga and for devotees out there, this serial is a “Welcome Watch”. Going back to the times of God related stories kind of movies formula and enjoy this serial.

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