Indo-Chinese foods – Pan Asian cuisine with herbs and spices

The locally sourced spices and herbs are the main ingredients of Pan Asian cuisines. So, the taste differs from the authentic Chinese cuisine. But, the freshness leads to healthier and lighter perception. Surprising isn’t it?

Increasingly food from around the world has penetrated to India. With Chinese cuisine the first to arrive, others are bound to follow. The youth nowadays have more exposure to international food than ever before, due to travel around the world.

Combination of Hot sauces and Traditional spices are used in Indo-Chinese food preparation. But, recently taste has been developed for authentic Chinese food throughout the world. Thought it may be bland in taste, trying out something different becomes the new norm.

Momos, Fried Noodles, Mapo Tofu, Szechwan Noodles, Vegetable Dumplings and more are various varieties of tasty food that you can find in Indo-Chinese cuisine. With lot of veggies and egg added, combined with crispness and sour taste it is purely amazing. I’m sure you’ll love these interesting combinations.

The food habits of countries like United States and Europe are prone to obesity as they are high in calories. But comparatively it is less in Pan Asian cuisines. The spices and herbs make the meal spicy hot but doesn’t destroy health. So, take in the aroma and enjoy these cuisine, you’ll like it!

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