Heart Song, Dream On and Good Relationships

Everyone has a song in their heart. Everyone has a reason for being here and a season for making their highest, greatest most auspicious contribution. No one knows what that is or when that is for anyone else. Only our own heart knows what and when it is for us. Your heart wants to sing. Don’t die with your music still within you.

Dream On, Why have we forgotten how to dream? With our innocence gone, and the entertainment industry doing all the work for us, we quickly lose our capacity to dream possible futures. Stop. Close your eyes. And dream again. Put the stars in your dreams. And then reach for them. No need to struggle. Simply nurture the dream, sustain the vision, and watch it come true. It must, it’s the law.

Good Relationships, In order to create good relationships – with your mind, think about what you have to learn from others; with your eyes, look into good qualities of others; with your words, recognize, value and appreciate their accomplishments; with your actions, cooperate and do something for others.

Have safety as high priority during Corona virus times.

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