Green Tea – Does it really have health benefits?

What is this fuss about Green Tea? I’m wondering. There is lot of talk about Green Tea and its health benefit. But on gathering some basic information on this, it seems it doesn’t really have huge health benefits at all. Surprising isn’t it?

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Green Tea is made from Camellia Sinensis tea leaves and the only difference from Black Tea is that it is not processed by fermentation process. Of course there are many tea varieties and taste and processing varies based on time of harvest, processing techniques, growing conditions and variety etc. It is widely believed that Tea is originally found in China.

There is no definitive evidence scientifically for health benefits of Green Tea. There are numerous researches done and no conclusive results are obtained largely. Also be aware that Green Tea has caffeine in it, don’t consume in large quantity on a daily basis.

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As processing is not done, Green Tea retains Polyphenols and Anti-oxidants. These are believed to help in increasing metabolism and so could aid in weight loss. Not in a substantial way though. Some researches show drinking one cup of Green Tea per day made no difference at all. Two or more cups of 100 ml is ideal. These substances could also aid in regulating glucose levels for Diabetes control, Heart disease, Cancer and more. But remember there is no scientific evidence for any till today.

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