Great Soul – Consider The Consequences

Anger finishes all wisdom, Ego finishes regard, Worry eats away your life, Bribery finishes all justice. Greed finishes all honesty, Fear eats away a human being, The greatest jewellery in the world is your own nobility.

Your own best companion in the world is your determined thought, Those who do not wish for anything receive everything, Renounce that happiness in which there is sorrow for others.

Great Soul, A great soul is one whose every thought and every act is great. Not a single thought should be ordinary or wasteful. No action should be ordinary or meaningless. Less is more, A rich person is not someone who has more, but someone who desires less.

Consider The Consequences, Become very, very sweet. Remove even the slightest trace of anger. Whatever you think, whatever you say, consider carefully all the consequences beforehand. By performing actions knowing their consequences, success is definitely experienced.

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