Ginger Chicken Gravy Recipe – Served with Rice or Roti

Have you tried eating Ginger Chicken Gravy with hot rice or roti? Never mind, you can now prepare this dish. For chicken lovers out there here is a new recipe for you. Cook carefully in the corona virus times, wash all utensils clean before cooking, take safely precautions.

What you need?

Chicken pieces take breasts or legs as you like

Ginger as much as you need or like

Pepper powder, Onions, Small Onions and Curry Leaves

Salt as you wish

Coconut four to five pieces

Cumin Seeds

How to prepare?

In the grinder, add ginger, coconut, pepper, cumin seeds and salt. Grind it into a paste. Keep this paste aside. Put oil as you desire in a pan and keep in low flame. Add onions and fry for few mins, let it turn brown. Add curry leaves and the most important ingredient Ginger as you wish, then maintain the low flame. Cook for a minute and add pepper powder and salt. Sauté nicely and then add the chicken and the paste that is prepared in the beginning.

Now add three cups of water. Keep in low flame until the chicken and paste are well cooked. Usually chicken takes about 25 minutes to cook properly. Then taste and check for salt, remove the pan. Enjoy this super dish with Rice or Roti and quench your taste buds, cheers!

Keep preparing food and serving love!

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