Foods that burn calories by itself – Compelling Top Fat Burning Foods

Did you know that certain foods burn fat faster and also reduce calories as you chew? Oats and brown rice to be specific are high in fiber content. This means that they burn more calories even for breaking this food into energy. Chicken breast, you may wonder, is also in the same league.

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Choose dairy products that are low in fat. These contribute to muscle mass as well as increase your metabolism. Thus burn calories more. DRINKING GREEN TEA at least three cups daily might also aid in WEIGHT LOSS and burn more calories.

Lentils provide iron and are good for metabolism. Increasing body metabolism means burning more calories and being healthy. There used to be a saying that “eating four hot peppers daily will keep you healthy for life”. Add pepper with eggs, soups etc., it is a killer fat burner.

So, what are you waiting for, enjoy food and be leaner, by the choice of right food!

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