Contentment – Try different things and remain cheerful within

Remain content by recognizing the benefit of every moment – and the beauty of every soul. Try to do things differently, you know checking emails first thing in the morning makes you anxious and as a result, you remain stressed up for the entire morning. Try doing it differently for a week or say for ten days. From the next morning, wake up in a much-relaxed mood and do not touch your little device till the time you enter your office.

Maybe just by bringing little changes in your schedule you can get closer to a better version of yourself. But to keep yourself going, take up one challenge at a time. When you take up too many things in the first attempt, it is most likely that your high spirits for self-development will be shattered in no time.

Give your brain ample time to adjust to the change and establish it as a habit. Remain Cheerful Within, when faced with problems it can seem difficult to maintain inner cheer, the mind gets caught up with more and more negativity, fear or worry. Because of this, the problem seems bigger than it is and we lose the ability to find solutions and work constructively.

The first step I need to take when I recognize a problem is to smile to myself. When I make sure I am happy within, I know that every situation will pass and has something to teach me. Then I will find solutions come more quickly and easily.

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