Chandralekha | Sun TV Tamil Serial | Meena and Lekha | Did you know?

Chandralekha is a Sun TV Tamil Serial produced by Saregama productions. This serial stars the Shwetha Bandekar, Nagashree, Meenakumari and Bhvaneshwari. Did you know? The theme music is done by Paulraj and the music is composed by Hari.

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Surpassing 500 episodes, Chandralekha is a nice serial. Well accepted by audience this serial also casts Rishi, Janaki, Saakshi, Suresh Krishnamoorthy and Mahesh Prabha. You can also catch this serial in popular YouTube channel hosted by the producers Saregama. Did you know? This Sun TV serial also airs in Sri Lanka, Middle East, United States, Canada and South Africa as well.

As the story revolves around two girls swapped during birth, Meena and Lekha, the story goes into numerous twists and turns. Great cast and nice screenplay. Hope this serial crosses the 1000 mark soon. If you like this review subscribe to our Channel for more. Cheers!

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