Blessing and Self Respect

If there is such a thing as a blessed life, then there must be the opposite: a cursed life. Sometimes we go through life and there is just a chain of unfortunate events, one after another. We accept it as our fate and brush it aside as part of life itself. Yet maybe it is not fate, and perhaps there is a curse placed on the soul that needs to be recognized and removed! Curses, spells and black magic have been around for millennia. In many stories you will find how the good and righteous were shot with the evil eye, or the heroine of a story had a spell put on her that only the hero could break. Even the mythological deities could be stripped of their boons by another jealous god. The gods or sages could drop a curse at a drop of a hat if a mortal had upset them in any way.

In Hindu mythology there is the famous story of king Dushyant and his beloved Shakuntala. The two were separated, and Shakuntala was so lost in her thoughts of love for her king, that she did not show proper hospitality or courtesy to a revered sage who visited her town. The sage, in a rage, curses Shakuntala by telling her that the one she is remembering will forget her. The story continues and eventually the curse is broken, however it illustrates the fact that arrogance and revenge are dangerous human traits. The fact that jealousy, anger and arrogance can lead to feelings of retribution, revenge and dastardly acts, has led to the concept of the ‘evil eye’ and cautions people not to arouse envy in others. Thought to have originated in Greece and Rome 3000 years ago, the ‘evil eye’ is a concept that is still alive and thriving in today’s world. The idea that someone may impart a curse on someone with just a glance is still active in all major religions and most countries of the world. To counteract the curse, an eye symbol or image in a pendant or a piece of jewelry is worn or displayed to ward off the evil eye. For the same reason, babies and children from Hindu background are also anointed with black kajal behind their ear, thought to ward off this curse. It is thought that anyone who is in a position of being praised or admired too much is susceptible to the evil eye, as they can easily attract bad thoughts from those who are jealous of them.

Self-respect is not a matter of what you are doing in your life, but rather of how you are doing it. It requires that you bring quality and virtue into each action, whatever that action may be.

In fact the root of a curse is almost always jealousy. Jealousy does not allow one to accept the happiness and fortune of others. The jealous person may have malevolent wishes about others, give them the evil eye, or in some cases create a curse using other means. Voodoo would be an example. But perhaps it’s not just objects, lotions, potions, words or an evil stare that can impart a curse. It is even possible to curse someone with thoughts. What’s more the intent may not be apparently evil, yet the words carry a negative vibration with them.

Even to say the words, ‘Go to hell’ in rage, can also become a curse. The Greeks would say ‘Throw yourself to the crows’. And in Hindi one might say, ‘May your boat sink’. We have to be so careful of the words we use as they may become a condemnation. It’s also worth mentioning that we can curse ourselves with our own thoughts! When we learn to speak to ourselves kindly and lovingly, then every cell of our body responds accordingly. Harsh and unloving words and thoughts will make us ill and may burden us with problems.

There is another good reason to be careful about our words and ‘curses’. For we also know that whatever we send out comes back to us. Evil energy is dark energy, hence it is important to always stay in the light of positivity and virtue. Also it is imperative that we do not give these kind of things too much attention because where attention goes energy flows, and hence we give even more life to the negative. There is also the power of good wishes. When we are sitting quietly, with only pure thoughts and good wishes for others, and remembering the Source of all goodness, we can impart the power of love, truth and good feelings to others. In this vibration of love We can even, through the eyes, send the signal of love from the heart. There are no words spoken, just silence and good wishes.

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. Meditation and yoga power are also essential to create an aura of light around the soul to create a shield of protection. In this way, the soul is not susceptible to negative or evil forces. It is important that we do not take ‘an eye for an eye’. Meaning, do not retaliate or have feelings of wanting revenge. It’s important that we do not do what others have done unto us. Karma teaches us that whoever sows the seed will get their fruit. Let me plant the seeds of only positive good wishes and pure blessings for each soul. In this way our thoughts become a) like blessings for others, b) we become blessed with goodness, c) we receive blessings from others in return.

Bless yourself and others by being aware of your thoughts and only creating positive powerful ones.

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